Turn your Kids Drawings into everlasting treasures!

Santa, turned into a tree decoration!

Santa, turned into a tree decoration!

How would you like to make those little drawings last for ever, without actually getting them tattooed on your back??  Well here we are!!

We can take your darlings scrawlings and 3d print them into any number of objects; keyrings, badges, fridge magnets, coasters, Christmas Tree ornaments!

Simply email us your images (or post us originals) and we will scan and print in 3d!!

We will probably need to make some minor adjustments to make sure it prints… For example, here, we added some bits to make sure everything connects together.

Below, you see the before and after or 6 year old Ethan’s Santa – the original drawing is on the right.  We added a beard (well it is Santa) and eyeballs so everything was joined..


Prices start at £15, depending on how much work we need to do on the original, and what you want it made into.

The following will work well, but we are sure you can think of other amazing things..

  • Christmas Tree Decorations
  • Badges
  • Coasters
  • Keyrings
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Window hangings

It’s not possible to say how much a specific drawing will cost, but prices start at £15 for a nice simple one.  All you have to do is email us on hola@3dmogos .net and we will get back in contact with you to start making your treasures into plastic


Here are some drawings are bring turned into coasters


We only use environmentally friendly corn-based plastic for our prints.